2015 National Conference in Sales Management

Houston, TX

April 14 – April 19, 2015



Michael L. Mallin
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The University of Toledo  

Scott M. Widmier
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Kennesaw State University 




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 Use this folder to share slides and information with fellow faculty members at the conference.  Please be respectful of this resource.  The material will remain available for six months after the conference.


Friday, April 17, 2015



Doctoral Papers Session – Winning Papers
Session Chair: Brian Rutherford, Kennesaw State University


“The Buffering Effects of Salesperson Service Performance on Customer Loyalty after Service Failure and Recovery”
Aniefre Inyang, University of Texas - Arlington


“You Are the Company You Keep: A Cross-Level Examination of Individual and Sales Team Goal Orientations”
Jessica Ogilvie, University of Alabama


“The Role of Trust and Information Value on Salesperson Competitive Intelligence”
Chris Nelson, West Virginia University




Competitive Paper Session
Session Chair:  Charlie Ragland, Indiana University


“Reaping Benefits from Investing in Solution Selling Capability: Do Product and Customer Characteristics Matter?”
Nick Panagopoulos, University of Alabama
Adam Rapp, University of Alabama


“Influencing Salesperson Perceptions of New Product Introductions”
Gregory McAmis, Western Kentucky University


“A More Nuanced View of Sales Manager Support versus Participation”
David Gilliam, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Steven Rayburn, Texas State University




Competitive Paper Session
Session Chair:  Ellen Pullins, University of Toledo


“What You Don’t Say Matters: The Development of a Relational Listening Scale in Sales”
Emily Goad, Illinois State University
Fernando Jaramillo, University of Texas at Arlington


“I Believe in Luck, Therefore I Sell:  The Role of Serendipity in Inexperienced Sales Professionals' Performance”
Joël Le Bon, University of Houston


“Enablers and Barriers: A Scale to Measure Millennial-Age Business Students' Intent to Pursue Sales Careers”
Carlin Nguyen, University of South Florida
Ryan McCarfferty, University of South Florida
Andrew Artis, University of South Florida




Competitive Paper Session
Session Chair:  Michael Rodriguez, Elon University


“Influencing the Salesforce through Ethical Leadership: The Role of Salesforce Socialization and Person-Organization Fit on Salesperson Ethics and Performance”
Charles Schwepker Jr., University of Central Missouri


“Sequencing Job Satisfaction: Establishing Robustness, Generalizability, and a Nomological Network”
Bryan Rutherford, Kennesaw State University
Nathaniel Hartmann, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
JungKun Park, University of Houston


“A Conceptual View of the Informed Customer and the Modern Salesperson Interaction”
Brian Hochstein, Florida State University
Willy Bolander, Florida State University



Revising Roundtable Paper Session
Session Co-Chairs:  Laura Serviere-Munoz, University of Dallas
David Fleming, Eastern Illinois University 


 "Handling of Prospective Customers' Objections by Salespeople: A Double-Eged Sword?"

Bruno Lussier, Grenoble University
Jean-François Ouellet, HEC Montréal
Haithem Guizani, Sciences Po. Grenoble



"Customer Focus, Passice Deviance and Selling Orientation - Their Impact on Creative Selling and Performance"
David LocanderCalifornia State University, Fullerton
Barry Babin, Louisiana Tech University
Mark Groza, Northern Illinois University
Frankie Weinberg, Loyola University New Orleans


 “Reaching the Under-Thirty Salesperson”
Gary Schirr, Radford University
Maneesh Thakkar, Radford University
Laurel Schirr, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Richard Buehrer, University of Toledo
Lisa Simon, California Polytechnic State University


“Revisiting Sales Training:  Are Sales Professionals to Include Sales Managers Receiving Adequate Sales Training?”
Callie Spicher, Shippensburg University
Ronald K. Taylor, Shippensburg University



Doctoral Paper Track:



“Examining the Effectiveness of a Trust Repair Strategy following a Breach of Trust”
Chris Nelson, West Virginia University


"The Antecedents and Consequences of an Entitled Salesforce"

 Matthew Lastner, Louisiana State University

 Erik Taylor, Louisiana State University


“How Many Fish does Your “Net” Catch? Sale Strategy Performance Moderated by Social Media Usage”
Phuoc Pham, University of Toledo


"Selling of Green information system: a purchasing manager's perspective"

Hatem Bata, University of Toledo



Saturday, April 18, 2015



 Doctoral Student Paper Session
Session Chair:  Mick Andzulis, Louisiana State University


“Awareness and Action: Implications and Dimensionality of Salesperson Emotional Intelligence”

 Katy Johnson, University of Alabama          


“Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): A Performance Framework”

 Scott Ambrose, Kennesaw State University


“Sales Quota and Salesperson’s Selling Behavior: The Missing Link of Felt Stress and the Moderating Role of Ethical Climate”

 Omar Itani, UT - Arlington



 Competitive Paper Session
Session Chair:  Concha Allen, Central Michigan University


“Price Setting Patterns in Direct Selling Organizations: Insights from Nigerian Organizations”
Uchenna Uzo, Pan-Atlantic University
Chris Ogbechie, Pan-Atlantic University


“Sales Training’s Impact: An Exploratory Study of eLearning and Its Relationship with Sales Performance and Customer Satisfaction”
Michael Rodriguez, Elon University
Earl Honneycutt Jr., Elon University
Stephanie Boyer, Bryant University


"Use of Role-Play to Understand Ethical Decision Making in a Selling Context"

Jill Attaway, Illinois State University

 Jeri Mullins Beggs, Illinois State University                                                                                        


"Reducing Salesperson Turnover: The Roles of Market Orientation and Grit"

David Fleming, Eastern Illinois University

 Mattew Askew, Eastern Illinois University

 Andrew Artis, University of South Florida

 Alex Milovic, Marquette University



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